Dubai is the best tourist destination to visit anytime you feel like going for a holiday. November and April forms the prime time for tourists to go and enjoy the beautiful sandy beaches. This is the coolest time of the year in the city. Also, considered as the time when you will get to enjoy the noble culture of the Arabs and the appetizing food found in Dubai. Moreover, there are various places where you can enjoy your holidays in Dubai.

Dubai boasts of some of the best sandy beaches in the world. Jumeirah Beach is the most preferred beach by tourists especially high profile figures and celebrities when they visit the sanctuary. Initially a home for the Arab traders, pearl Drivers and fishermen, Jumeirah Beach has transformed to be the best tourist ‘home’ every time tourists visit for the first time or after subsequent visits in Dubai. When you visit this beach, you will get the perfect view of the coastline and see the long sunny stretch of the beach covered with palm trees. You will enjoy the soft white sand, the slow gentle breeze originating from the ocean and the warm azure waters perfect for swimming during the day. Also, it boasts the best and the oldest hotels ever built in Dubai. The hotels ranges from 2-star to 5-star providing a wide range of accommodation for all the tourists who visit this beach.

Dubai has other historical sites which tourists can visit. It has the Dubai Museum which used to be known as the Al Fahidi Fort. A visit to this museum helps you get a vivid description of what the Arab culture was and how the Arab culture is. There are some artifacts stored in this museum that date back to as early as 3000 B.C. There is the Hatta Heritage Village located between the Hajjar Mountains. It is one of the villages that provide an interesting exposure to the Rural Arabian Villages that existed. It has an ancient mosque, two watchtowers and some houses.

For those who love to enjoy nice food. Dubai is the perfect destination for you. Visitors in Dubai get to enjoy various cuisines ranging from Arabian, German Chinese, Indian, Spanish, and Mexican among others. It boasts of fast food outlets such as Burger King, Ramsden’s, Pizza Corner and many more. It has the best party night clubs, discos and pubs that are open for 24 hours. This will make you enjoy the both the day and nightlife.

Dubai is famous for its shopping outlets where you get cheap but quality electronic and fashion items. For those who love to buy Gold, you can visit Gold Souk in Deira, you will buy gold at a cheaper price. There are various shopping plazas one can visit and enjoy a nice shopping experience. You can start by visiting the local Arabian market and sample the goods being sold there. You can visit the Karama trading centre and sample the range of products such as the nice shoes imported from Lebanon, different designs of clothes made from Thailand and Leather handbags made from China.

Want to go for a holiday and you have not settled for the destination, why don’t you visit Dubai and sample what it has to offer. After visiting am sure you will always be longing for holidays in Dubai.