Dubai is one of the best choices when selecting a place to spend a vacation or a get away from a stressful living. There are many places in Dubai where you can have unforgettable memories and experience unending fun, but before entering the land, it is very important for you to understand and be aware of theculture and traditions of Dubai.

Just like any other places, the people of Dubai have embraced a unique set of customs, beliefs and traditions which have made them unique and different from other cultures. The Culture and traditions of Dubai has been greatly influenced by several adjacent cultures such as Persians and Indians. With the modernization and technological innovations, Dubai has undergone changes and transformations since then.

Culture and Traditions in Dubai

The culture of Dubai is mostly of an Islamic foundation since it is a part of the United Arab Emirates whose people are mostly Muslims. However, aside from the Islamic religion, other religious beliefs such as Hinduism and Christianity are also present. There are several mosques found throughout the land and their day of service is usually Friday. During Fridays, many worshippers normally flock into the mosques as they intently listen to the sermons.

In terms of language, most people of Dubai use the Arabic language as their primary means of communication. However, they are also known to be very good in English and other foreign languages as most schools in Dubai usually teach different languages to their students. People of Dubai are also known to be open minded in terms of accommodating the Western culture but certain activities are considered by them as obscene.

Muslims are known for not consuming pork. Although the sale of such is not considered illegal, it is usually sold only in specific groceries and stores and strictly given to non-Muslims. Arabic cuisine is found throughout the city as well as other Asian cuisines such as Chinese. Alcoholic beverages are also regulated and the use of it in public places is highly prohibited. It is often sold only in hotels and bars.

Contrary to how most people perceive it, there is no specific dress requirement in Dubai. However, the use of “Abaya” or long black robes that cover women from head to toe is usually encouraged as a part of the Islamic customs. Men are also persuaded to wear “Kandura” or a “thawb”, a clothing which is almost the same as a robe. In areas near beaches, wearing of bikinis in women and shorts in men is traditionally accepted.

Do’s when in Dubai

  • You can say “Assalam u Alaikum” when greeting someone in Dubai.
  • When eating, use right hand in picking up the food.
  • Always remove your shoes at the entrance of the home.
  • Always sit on the floor when eating.

Don’ts when in Dubai

  • Never shake hands with the opposite sex.
  • Never refuse when they offer drinks when visiting an Arabic home.
  • Do not eat in public during the period of Ramadan.
  • Do not wear revealing clothes such as miniskirts in public places especially when away from the beach.

The people of Dubai are generally hospitable and accommodating. However, as a tourist or a foreigner, you must learn and respect the culture and tradition of the place where you’re suppose to travel to guarantee an exciting and enjoyable experience wherever you may go.