Dubai Shopping Festival- this is one of the most interesting events in Dubai. It has been running for more than sixteen years now. The event takes place between January and February with its big intentions being to refresh the retail trade in UAE. For the 16 years it has been operating, more than 30million people have been recorded attending the festival spending about 70 billion worth of Dirham. What makes the festival an interesting attraction includes but not limited to: a) Great discounts on goods sold in retail:

  1. b) Tax free shopping
  2. c) Car raffles on a daily basis
  3. d) Entertaining fireworks

The festival contributes an estimated 8-10% of the country’s GDP. What one needs to do and mostly the business society do is to save ,save, save waiting for the year to begin then one can go to shop for their stalls, a stock that would last a year long.

Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon- It was declared as the world’s richest event in April 2007 after it announced an award of $1,000,000 for the athlete who makes a world record. The event takes place every January and it marked 12 years since it launched the same present year. It normally starts and ends at Dubai town near the Khalifa town.The event attracts the world’s most popular athletes such as: a) Ayele Abshero

  1. b) Haile Gebreselassie
  2. c) Jonathan Kiplimo

Dubai International Jazz Festival

Also known as the Skywards International Jazz festival, the event attracts some of the most renowned Jazz musicians from all over the world. They include: Dirty Robbers, Jimmy Thomas, Samantha Antoinette, Jools Holland and his Orchestra band. The festival comprises of:

  • 2 weekends of live performances
  • 4- 5 nights of Jazz Garden
  • 20-30 live concerts.

Dubai Summer Surprises

The event takes place between June and July every year. It was successfully launched in 1998 and has been running for 14 years. Its main aim is to bring people from all walks of life to Dubai during the summer season. The almost 6,000 stores which include the toy world and the baby shops usually have super bargains on their goods. Children are always entertained by different shows such as; a) Hello Kitty

  1. b) Kids fashion show
  2. c) The puppets show
  3. d) Karaoke shows.

Dubai International Motor Show

It takes place every November for 5 consecutive days. Manufacturers and buyers from all over the world meet to exchange their values. The most thrilling latest models of cars like Tuatara, Ferrari and Porsche. 911 were displayed in the 2012 event. Visitors flock the different stand which include Chevrolet, Toyota, and Nissan vehicles. Some of the most renowned motorists such as Bespoke Phantom normally attend.

Dubai International Film Festival

The event was launched 8 years ago and its main aim is to showcase short stories which are both fictitious and true story from around the world. The festival also promotes the Dubai film industry by recognizing performances from different artists. Delegates from all over the world upto about 1,500 usually attend. It is organized by the Dubai Media association. It takes place in the month of December in different towns in Dubai.